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Apr 29, 2024

The Mandalorian: Adventures arrives in August 2024, and Dan is here to share all the information we have about this and other games arriving soon.

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  • Unexpected Games will release The Mandalorian: Adventures Aug ‘24 $50 (pre-order)
  • 25th Century Games will release Agueda: City of Umbrellas May ‘24 $50
  • Fantasy Flight Games will release the Jubilee Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game – May ‘24 $17
  • Upper Deck will release a new expansion to  Marvel: Legendary DBG-- Weapon X Expansion  Oct ‘24 $20 (Base game needed)
  • Devir Games will release Cities, designed by Steve Finn and Phil Walker-Harding, ‘Aug 24 $30
  • Asmodee will release  Chandigarh, another city building game set in north India May $35.
  • WizKids will release Tales of the Arthurian Knights (A stand alone expansion to Tales of Arabian nights)-- Nov ‘24 ($80)